Pankaj Kapoor


Helping people and organisations to be the best they can be is Kapoor’s passion. With over 25 years consultancy experience in leadership and team development, cultural change, organisational development and conflict management, Kapoor has worked with clients across many sectors (including finance, medical, pharmaceutical, retail,public and not for profit).

Kapoor has been privileged to work around the world and his experience working across Africa, Scandinavia and Europe, Asia and the USA has taught him that it is more useful to look for the similarities that drive people than the cultural differences.


Kapoor’s starting point is a profound belief in people and an unfailing sense of possibility in what they can achieve.  “We are all driven by our passions and peculiarities, striving to make a difference, in our own deeply personal and endlessly fascinating ways!”

  • Individual coaching: ‘When people question their assumptions they can rapidly transform their ways of working. I help people understand the changes that will make the most significant difference and turn the spotlight on moments of success to drive improvement.’
  • Executive team building: ‘The magic happens when teams of leaders support and challenge each other to deliver more than the sum of their parts. I facilitate team development with a focus on clarity of vision, priorities for team development, stakeholder engagement and feedback.’
  • Leadership development: ‘Healthy organisations see everyone as a leader. I help people feel confident, show their passion and take the lead. I bring tools and concepts in a way that makes ‘common sense’ and can be rapidly integrated into day to day tasks. I love to work with groups of all levels of seniority to establish new networks of leadership.’
  • Culture change: ‘As culture is simply “how we do things around here”, I encourage leaders to personally role model the culture they want to see. For example if you want a culture of accountability you need to give freedom to people to take decisions and work it out for themselves.’
  • Conflict management: ‘Introducing new technology, partnerships, or ways of working often creates conflict. As a trained mediator I am skilled at helping people see the common ground and take ownership to achieve a successful outcome in situations of debilitating conflict.’
  • Facilitation and design: ‘I am a highly skilled communicator and facilitator with the ability to engage small groups or moderate large-scale conferences. By involving people in the dialogue, creating thinking time and including activities that challenge people to relate differently – I hold the ‘red thread’ to deliver clarity, ownership and action.’

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