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We are a team of Microsoft technology experts that deliver a wide scope of Azure consulting services to help you get the best of your cloud investment and drive cloud agility. Inch Technologies guides global companies through the Azure platform adoption, deployment, and customization.

  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • 15+ years of Microsoft tech stack experience
  • End-to-end cloud solutions: from consulting to managed services

Three steps to Microsoft Azure cloud excellence


Our team of Azure consultants enables you to make a strategic shift by creating a holistic and consistent cloud strategy. We perform a thorough audit of your business needs and relevant business cases as well as assess your current development capabilities to shape it all into a documented roadmap. As an Azure consulting partner, we plan your Azure initiative based on expected TCO and ROI – all integrated into an actionable and detailed cloud strategy.

Create a solution architecture

Following your specific business requirements and unique needs, we create a tailored solution architecture with ready-to-go technical designs and implementation plans. Our Microsoft Azure consultants help you achieve the ultimate cloud performance by selecting optimal cloud tools and combining them into a well-adjusted tech stack. As part of our Microsoft Azure consulting services, we also help you plan a customized cloud architecture that will meet your growing traffic and usage needs in the future.


*instinctools gets you started in the cloud by guiding your first steps through measured processes. Our team of experts activates Azure corporate accounts to launch and configure Azure instances, with the Azure guidelines and infrastructure specifics in mind. We also help protect your cloud ecosystem by setting up security defaults. To establish a unified infrastructure, our cloud engineers connect deployed network instances to enterprise software systems.

Azure-based development

As a Microsoft Azure consultant, *instinctools helps you deploy and update services on top of Microsoft products. We leverage an exhaustive range of Azure services to modernize your legacy application or build a cloud-native code base for your business.

Our team of cloud engineers provides development assistance across the core Azure ecosystem, including Management and Governance services, Storage, Security, DevOps, Analytics, and more. We account for diverse cloud needs through Azure-rich PaaS functionality and integrable SaaS products.

Microsoft Azure migration

We help you shift to the cloud with a defined migration path and the right toolset. Our team of Azure developers inspects your current infrastructure to align it with a transition strategy and analyzes your enterprise motivations and desired outcomes. Based on the results, our cloud experts establish the perfect technology matrix and define the migration approach within a well-documented roadmap, skills readiness, and financial model.

Once ready for the transition, our team starts with a limited-scope workload from your on-prem infrastructure and expands iteratively to ensure a smooth transition. When all services are shifted to the cloud, *instinctools provides post-migration support followed by a continuous improvement plan.

Microsoft Azure cloud managed services

Get a firm hold of your cloud ecosystem with the least effort possible and low operational costs. An experienced Microsoft partner, *instinctools offers Azure managed services to save you time and money by automating your infrastructure management. We also deploy augmented teams to help you deliver quick changes, enhance security, and reinforce compliance with no full-time hiring commitments.

Infrastructure management

Our Microsoft Azure professional services help you consolidate your cloud ecosystem and deploy key resources at the right time and in the right instances. Our team takes over the setup, configuration, and monitoring to ensure proactive system operation. We also provision your cloud environments to maintain defined service levels and application stability.

Service management

Our Azure consultants help you manage your deployments, hosted services, and other assets to identify alerts and management issues. We provide end-to-end service management assistance and cover all management activities from access control to troubleshooting and monitoring.

Risk and compliance

We take care of your compliance risk management framework and make sure your Azure environment meets regulatory standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and others. Our cloud security team performs daily system monitoring, checks access controls, detects vulnerabilities, and tracks security reports to keep your cloud assets compliant and risk-free.


Our Azure team will reduce your cloud costs and eliminate resource drains. We perform a detailed audit of your actual consumption to make sure it aligns with your business needs and is worth the billing. We then create an improvement plan to provide you with actionable steps that keep Azure resources optimized and effective.


Our disaster recovery services keep your corporate resources safe at all times and ensure business continuity. We deploy, operate, and maintain your enterprise backup and keep your assets protected and monitored 24/7. We exert all efforts to avoid system downtime as well as reduce your money and resources spent on on-premise backups.


We help you set up automated cloud environments for flexible, fast, and scalable deployments, patch management, and updates. A certified Azure consultant, *instinctools enables full-throttle automation so that your cloud assets meet changing business demands with less human assistance and management resources required. We save your time and lower operational costs by reducing manual errors and boosting cloud efficiency.

Microsoft Azure application integration

Our team of Azure cloud architects brings together your critical cloud assets to drive consistency and unified management across your cloud applications. We achieve stable connection by leveraging a set of Azure integration services (API Management, Azure Event Grid, Azure Logic Apps, and others) and following a calibrated integration process. Our team takes over the end-to-end integration mechanism, including planning, designing the integrated system as well as implementing and testing the integration.

Why choose *instinctools as an Azure consultant?

At *instinctools, we employ our deep industry expertise to facilitate and enable your cloud journey, both technically and strategically. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have instant access to exclusive resources and leverage them to yield maximum business value to our clients. A unique blend of cloud experience and technical proficiency allows us to deliver a set of benefits critical to your business.


Our company is a one-stop-shop for providing Azure-based services in all their variety. We take away the hassle of cloud adoption and own the end-to-end process of planning, evaluation, and management during your cloud journey. Focus on mission-critical tasks, while we handle the rest.

Fast speed

We provide better control of your cloud journey at all stages from architecture to development to accelerate innovation across your company and help you bring about cloud transformation through agile methods. Our time-tested cloud practices allow us to establish a secure and optimized Azure environment in fast iterations.


As your Azure consulting partners, we prioritize your security posture and protect your cloud setup through Azure-native safeguards. We guide and verify the proper security for your Azure-driven environment with an optimal combination of Azure tools, including Azure Active Directory, Key Vault, Azure Security Center, and others.


Our Microsoft Azure consultants help you reduce costs across the entire cloud environment by optimizing your cloud resources. We also help you reduce migration, development, and consumption costs through a pragmatic Azure strategy with no extra billings or excessive cloud resources.

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Inch Technologies

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