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Second to its people, a company’s most valuable asset is information. With a number of industries being redefined by the pandemic and its economic fallout, business intelligence and data analytics have proved indispensable in reducing risks and improving financial performance.
As dedicated business intelligence service providers, we offer our clients end-to-end solutions covering all aspects of BI as a service from consulting to maintenance and support along with the implementation of certain components to bolster a company’s overall BI strategy.
We will take care of your BI so that you can take care of your business.

Business Intelligence Consulting

We rigorously analyze the current state of your data systems and highlight the areas that can be improved with business intelligence solutions.

Our experts design a comprehensive detailed roadmap for your BI implementation or enhancement, develop a robust strategy, provide the description of data sources and ETL procedures, and specify the challenges as well as the ways to solve them.

Business Intelligence
Solution Delivery

Data Warehousing

One of our customers’ biggest pet peeves is drawing data from multiple locations to get information for their business. We address it by setting up a data warehouse (DWH), where we physically centralize the data and simplify the logic for its consumption. Layer by layer, starting with business stakeholder strategy, we build a best-of-breed solution for gathering, cleaning, and storing data and turning it into a shared decision-making asset.

Our expertise in delivering BI services also includes

  • building ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) pipelines to prepare data for reporting and analysis, and to load batches to the data warehouse quickly and with a high quality level
  • designing an OLAP cube to support ad-hoc user query and multi-dimensional analysis
  • establishing bite-sized data repositories – data marts – to meet the needs of a specific team or a department

Data Quality Management

The well-known concept – garbage in, garbage out – is still relevant. Bad data has nothing to do with valuable insights but, conversely, detrimentally affects all levels of your organization and can kill business strategy.

We offer a proactive approach to data quality management with ongoing monitoring, interpretation, and enhancement of data before it gets into your core systems. Setting up the right tools, we help our clients detect some fundamental reasons for overall data quality problems.

Data Integration

We create an environment where disparate systems seamlessly communicate with each other. Our experts combine data from your applications, systems, databases, etc. into a unified view and equip you with the tools you need to manage the data originating from these sources.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a data integration strategy. We believe that each of our customers requires a unique combination of different integration methods and tools to leverage the potential of their data to its fullest.

Data Migration

As part of our BI services, we assist organizations in transferring their data to a new BI environment. We plan data migration that goes beyond a basic ETL process and includes the following activities:
  • Defining team roles, systems, and schedules
  • Collecting and staging source data
  • Analyzing and cleansing source data
  • Designing and staging target system schema
  • Mapping sources with KPI
  • Enriching data
  • Loading data to production systems

Data Visualization

By implementing customized data visualization solutions, we enable our clients to see things precisely as they are. With your data, we built a picture that’s worth a thousand words, so that you won’t have to hunt for the insights but will see them in no time. We help your business to monitor and compare important metrics, KPIs, and trends from a bird’s-eye view by wrapping them up into highly interactive dashboards. All your countless numbers and perplexing reports will start making sense the moment you’ll have the right business intelligence solutions and visualization techniques in place.

Predictive Analytics

Whether a business is a startup or a large enterprise, data science techniques are valuable assets. They bring profound expertise in particular subfields of AI, such as computer vision, natural language processing, or predictive analytics. At Inch, we apply various data science methodologies and technologies that help our clients get business insights that enhance product efficiency, personalize user experience, predict user behavior, and more.

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