Cloud Computing Consultants

Scale your business using the cost-cutting cloud solution provided by Inch. We do also support the software and IT infrastructures we have created as well as the existing ones.

Cloud Solutions Crafted For Your Business Needs

Cloud solutions provide your business with unlimited scalability, better use of resources and maximum efficiency. Our team of cloud specialists will help you avail the full range of cloud-enabled business advantages:


(Software as a Service)

decreases manual operations, enables secrets management to protect data, and improves the end-user experience


(Infrastructure as a Service)

reduces costs on server and data storage, optimizes system maintenance, and helps stay flexible on the market


(Platform as a Service)

significantly speeds up deployment and gives transparency of content management to maintain business focus


Full Range of Cloud
Computing Services

Cloud Consulting

Our specialists provide you with cloud consultancy and depending on your business needs, expertly implement the most appropriate cloud strategy

Migration to the Cloud

  • aggregate the value of current solution architecture
  • modernize and optimize current solution for business needs
  • get better scalability and content management

Cloud Managed Services

  • monitor and improve performance and functionality
  • streamline application and infrastructure provisioning and configuration
  • shorten deployment timelines

Cloud Optimization

  • enrich cloud capacity and processes visibility
  • bring to line performance environments
  • optimize resources and costs of cloud maintenance.

Cloud services accelerate Big Data and business intelligence computing operations, enable software modernization through microservices and are vital for an e-commerce software engine. It results in streamlining and simplifying business applications, fastening time to market and meeting customer demands effectively

Cloud-based services
we provide you with:

Dynamic Scalability

On-the-fly scaling and load balancing for real-time control on resources capacity

Cost Saving

Additional volume of back-end storage systems that enables CAPEX to OPEX transformation

Performance Quality

Blue-green deployments and cloud-centric interconnected framework

Constant Availability

Use of multiple servers, storage protection and geo-redundant storing and for preventing failovers


User adoption strategy, cross-platform availability and multi-device support

Enhanced Collaboration

High levels of concurrent access with sharing integral components


Secure microservices architecture with easy remediation and disaster recovery

100% Transparency

Automated monitoring, rich visibility and content management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Inch can help you plan and design your system for the cloud (public, private, or hybrid). This includes adapting your configuration management practices and release process for seamless extension into the cloud. We will give you advice and help you with reviews, guidance, best practice recommendations, and enhancements for using cloud services.

Our implementation team can deploy quickly through reusable infrastructure profiles that let you spin up infrastructure in the cloud and help ensure a successful application deployment. We can help you migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud service of your choice.

Inch performs security assessments and provides recommendations from both external and internal perspectives. We understand the security implications associated with cloud usage, management, orchestration, and monitoring and will help you properly design, deploy, and securely operate your environment to improve resilience and reduce threats.

We want your system to run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we constantly review the performance of your environment. We investigate the root cause of issues and make recommendations on how to improve the system design or fix the underlying problem. We ensure that you are only running what you need, saving you money in the long run.

Our work does not stop with bringing systems online. We set up and test your backups for recoverability, verify that your restore processes actually work, and make sure your total environment can be recovered in the event of a failure. Our engineering team will work with Level One technical support to provide initial triage, work through systems operations issues, and escalate issues to the development team for application defects. We can integrate with your existing support system or help you implement the support process from scratch.

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